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Are self-driving cars really a future?

Self-driven cars would be hijacking over the manual ones in not so distant future. But the question is these automated cars good enough to sit back without being stressed about safety?

Let’s check out on that…A self-driving vehicle can sense its surroundings and control its movements without human intervention. The SAE has come up with six levels of self-driving vehicles.  Level 5 being the highest level.

Many companies are trying to be the first ones to develop an autonomous car that can drive under all driving conditions. Major automobile manufactures and tech giants are looking for ways to get to the front of the race. They are performing a bunch of road tests with their self-driving cars and are collecting data from these tests which will help cars navigate the modern world where unpredictable things happen all the time. In order to manage situations like this, we might also need to set up designated lanes for self-driving cars during the transition period where both traditional cars and self-driving cars would be on the roads. We also need regulatory changes on the insurance policies so that the insurance companies can cover different types of vehicles. So, self-driving cars can be a huge test for not only automobile manufacturers but also for regulators. After all, the manufactures and regulators need to come together and update the laws that have been in place for decades to reflect the changes associated with self-driving cars. But to make it happen would require time and a lot of work.

There is no doubt that self-driving cars present many technological promises to our lives. But in order for us to truly take advantage and prepare for a future, we need everyone to step up and put their heads together towards a solution. However, until fully autonomous cars are on the road, people still need to be fully responsible while driving their vehicles and understand the limits of the technology in their vehicles.

It will take few more years for researchers to optimize autonomous driving. Those improvements can’t be rushed. So strap in and relax. You’ll be still holding that steering wheel for a while.

Autonomous Cars Won’t Avoid Majority of Vehicle Crashes

1986, the year when Ernst Dickmanns changed the whole automobile industry by unleashing a driverless Mercedes onto the roads of Europe and since then this technology hasn’t stopped and has been used by almost every car manufacturer in the world.

But how safe this technology is and will be in the coming years?

Consider the above scenario, you’re riding in your shiny new self-driving car and suddenly a group of people spills into the road and at this point the car has to make a decision, either swerve into the wall killing you or plow through the crowd saving your life but taking several others. While surveys show that most people would choose to sacrifice themselves for the crowd. Of course, this scenario would be exceedingly rare.

Computerizing our cars and adding modern technologies every launch will put lives in danger and automation will not end all car accidents. If for some reason system malfunctions or experience some unexpected glitch that causes the machine to act unpredictably or stop altogether. It can be dangerous when a self-driving car malfunction while traveling at high speed on a road.

According to two independent polls conducted in January and in late March/early April, the percentage of Americans thinking that autonomous cars are less safe than vehicles driven by humans increased from 36 percent to 50 percent.

According to my analysis it will be crucial for designers to prioritize safety over rider preferences if autonomous vehicles are to live up to their promise to be safer than human drivers before these autonomous vehicles gain widespread adoption. For the future of self-driving cars, there is a lot to think about. Laws, regulations, and development vary greatly, between states and countries. So, discussion between experts, law makers and countries will need to be had if we want to really make autonomous vehicles a reality and despite all the hype, self-driving cars will not be safer because robots are better drivers than our (computer-enhanced) selves, but I’ll leave you to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

Things to look for while renting a car


Although several cities nowadays have a variety of public transportation choices (buses, trains, and subways); their schedules or station locations might not exactly suit your trip. Whether or not travelling for leisure or business, you’ll realize that renting a vehicle would be more convenient throughout your stay. 

Once it involves renting an automobile there are few things you should consider such as

  • The price/rental of the automobile.
  • Seating capacity of the automobile (and the number of individuals going to be travelling in it).
  • How much distance will you be travelling?
  • What “extras” does the automobile has? (GPS, air con, etc.)
  • How snug the automobile is?
  • What is the fuel consumption rate like? if it is not already included in the package.
  • How much would you prefer the automobile or its brand?
  • If there is enough room for your baggage
  • If you’ll like an automobile with 4-wheel drive for off-road activities or tough terrains (dirt, sand, or snow).
  • Also, do check if there are any additional taxes/charges applicable, this may vary from company to company.

Once you have thought of these things, you will be able to select the proper automobile for your trip.

Also, there are a few things you should keep in mind while opting for a self-drive rental as upon receiving your automobile, the corporate clerk/delivery executive can examine the vehicle and mark any existing dents or scratches. One of the simplest tips would be to photograph the car yourself from all sides, saving the photos as proof to avoid any unsatisfactory problems upon returning the automobile. This is often not solely a recommendation, it’s one amongst the simplest tips and tricks. However, almost all Chauffeur driven car rental services exempt this. Upon confirming your trip and the vehicle, be an early bird and book at the earliest, as the rates heavily rely upon the number of vehicles the corporation is available with at the time of booking. Therefore, the sooner the better! Reserve your automobile a minimum of a few weeks earlier to avail savings from good discounts.

Another factor to keep in mind is the cost-benefit relationship of your rental automobile. In easy terms, this suggests that the worth that you simply square measure paying for the rental is worthwhile for the sort of automobile you are renting.


To calculate this, you only have to recognize 2 factors: what form of automobile you wish to rent and the way abundant you’ll buy it. It’s a decent plan to try and do a radical search to know the common worth between letting corporations before finalizing your booking. Then you’ll be able to calculate the cost-benefit relationship a lot simpler.

Renting an automobile is usually a decent option while travelling compared to different sorts of transportation, renting an automobile includes a ton of advantages. Once deciding whether or not to rent an automobile, its price outlays your time considering the benefits of renting an automobile to envision if they outweigh any cons. There are several advantages, such as you’ll be able to produce your own schedule and follow no matter any route you prefer…not to say you’ll be able to adapt these routes on the go as you prefer.

Whether you’re renting an automobile for months or to try and do an easy weekend trip, perpetually ensure you have all documents covered, ensure that the rental company has a reputation, the place you’re visiting has choices for parking (which suggests that conjointly wanting into parking fees). Planning a visit perpetually takes plenty of analysis; however, that’s a part of the fun. Hunt for all the data you’ll be able to and you’ll have a stress-free trip with no issues.